Our Story

The Joshua tree is an innovative recycling project that creates handcrafted products while focusing on community upliftment.

The Joshua Tree History



After immigrating from the UK, Simon and Emily endeavored to start a skills development project with a desire in their hearts to empower people.

Simon took some old pieces of Oregon pine and made a coffee table. From this table and a dream from God the Joshua Tree began.

Starting with one man who had never used an electric drill before, the Joshua tree has now developed into a thriving little business  employing a number of men from the local community .

We have trained many in the art of carpentry, plus administration, sales and management.

Skills Development

We are dedicated to job creation and skills development. Our fully trained workshop team is now able to take on the responsibility to train and equip new members. As a skills center we also believe in giving back into the community and take a holistic approach to each member of our team and their families

From Barrel to Product

For a period of time The Joshua tree had its workshop in an old KWV warehouse. It was suggested that we could try and create something from the old wine barrel staves. After designing a few furniture pieces the essential ingredient for our skills training project became the wine barrels. The wine barrels are made from hundred-year-old French oak which we source from local wineries. The wood is stacked, aired and then selected for each different product. Each item of furniture, frame or board is individually hand crafted with care to a high standard to give long lasting use and pleasure.

Why are we called The Joshua Tree

The name originates from Joshua in the bible. We build our business on Christian principles and felt that Joshua carried the characteristics of, courage, determination and most importantly faith. There is also an actual tree in Arizona called a Joshua tree. This tree grows in the desert and has roots which go down up to 15 meters to draw water. We loved the analogy of drawing deep from God as our source. And tree because wood is our main source of raw material.